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Hello everyone, I’m Emily. It's my great honor to be a monthly student here, so I can share my own experience on how to learn English well.


In the blink of an eye, I have been in World for more than 2 years, and I'm still glad with my initial decision, it really helps me to get courage and ability to exchange idea in English with foreign friends easily during this time in World. Actually, the day I decided to pick up my English is much more than two years, so let me share my story with you.


We were good at English when passed a written test as majority of college graduating students,so I don't care about my English learning since I graduated my collage in 2004, and I was lucky to get an offer in a multinational company in the coming year. From time to time, I had chances to meet our foreign colleagues and our customers, occasionally I admired some of my colleagues who talk with foreigners freely, nevertheless, this didn't appeal me to pick up my English until I received an email written in English from one of my customers, this indicated I had to give a feedback in English too. God! It's the most terrible thing I had ever encountered before, so I was forced to beat my brain to write a few lines and I kept wondering where I went wrong, it really spent a long time for me and I didn't send it out until someone help me to check it again. Therefore, I made a big decision in my life which is to improve my English, but where should I start?


I got poor grammar, so I decide to overcome it firstly, I searched all of the relevant information from internet, the article, the video and the simple story, I took the note one by one, and after one year, I competed two notebooks which were written down full of my tips about grammar, I thought grammar never can be a problem anymore for me, hence I considered to improve my oral speaking. I started from the new concept English, what’s my method was recitation the texts every day, I spent almost 16 months to complete the book two and the book three of new concept English. Now it seems easy to say, in fact, it was the most difficult time to test my perseverance during that time, every day I spent an average of 5 hours to recite English, I got up 1 hour earlier in the morning and recited what I learned the past evening, I read on the way to work& home in the shift bus, I occupied my one hour lunch break to write from memory and recited the new text in the evening. I want to be better, and I think it’s time to find someone to force me to speak it out, so I knocked at the door of World.


From WU to AL, changes are not only at the surface level, the more important thing to me is the confidence and ability to express my opinion, now I find I enter a virtuous cycle, I adapt a daily record of new words and sentences, reading English news, I also fall in love with the English movies.


Above is my own experience, as far as I am concerned, there is no shortcut to learn English, It’s a long and boring process, but you should learn to motivate yourself, this will make you find some sense of achievement on this long way, trust me, everything will be fine, come on guys! You’ll be proud of yourself. 



Emily is a hard worker. She comes to class prepared and listen attentively. She is very earnest and if she has a fault, it is her need to be correct and she is always ready to answer. She speaks quite naturally with occasional hesitation when it comes to difficult pronunciation. She is a pleasure to have in class. 

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